The Adoption Procedure

The adoption procedure:

If you connect with one of our cats or kittens online or at the habitat, submit an application. Once your app is approved, we’ll set up an appointment for you to meet the cat. If you decide to adopt, and the cat has been spayed/neutered, you’ll need a cat carrier to remove the animal from the store. Although PETCO sells cardboard carriers, a good, sturdy non-disposable cat carrier is a good investment for those times when your cat needs to travel (like when going to the vet’s).  It is not safe for cat or driver to have the cat loose in the car.

None of our cats or kittens may be taken home before they have been spayed/neutered.

Pre-approved adoptions:

If you know that you would like to adopt one of our cats, but you’re having trouble deciding which one, or if you’re waiting for a certain type of cat, you may fill out an application in advance.  That way, if you later fall in love with one of our cats or kittens, you will be able to take them home sooner.