Declawing – The Paw Project – if you’re thinking about declawing your cat, please visit this page and read about what declawing really entails, and about alternatives.

NIVES – Northeast Indiana Veterinary Emergency Specialty Hospital – in case you need a vet at a time when your veterinarian’s office is closed.

HOPE for Animals – Fort Wayne’s low-cost spay/neuter clinic

Lost Cats of Fort Wayne – if you lose a cat, Fort Wayne has a Facebook group where you can post your cat’s information.  In addition, you should try these things:

If your cat is an all-indoor cat, check close to home – one cat was hiding out <20 feet from its owner’s back door – for nearly two weeks, and not coming when called multiple times a day.  Just too scared.

If your cat hasn’t been gone long, you should try to live trap him/her.  Check at HOPE or Animal Care and Control, and see if they can either help you try to live trap him/her, or tell you the steps to take to do it.

Try putting out a dish with his/her food in it (this also can be done to prepare for live trapping the cat – ask the experts how).

Other people recommend putting out a box with the cat’s (used) litter in it or putting out a piece of your clothing that you recently had on – the litter smells like your cat, and the clothes smell like you – both may be comforting and signal to your cat that this is his/her place.

Post Lost Cat posters with a good picture of the cat and your contact info on it at local veterinarians’ clinics and other places around your neighborhood or where the cat went missing.

Go to Animal Care and Control on Hillegas.  Check IN PERSON (and RECHECK – every day or so) to see if your cat is there, and also file a lost cat report with them.  Since they have new animals coming in all the time, you can’t just do it once.

More tips here:

Apartment Guide to help find pet friendly rentals.

Click on the graphic to learn about Indiana’s Pet-Friendly license plate and the vital programs it helps support.  SNSI (Spay-Neuter Services of Indiana) helps many Hoosier animal shelters and rescues, including EB Feline Rehoming.

The Petco Foundation helps many shelters and rescues across the country, including EB Feline Rehoming.



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